Sandy Macken


Sandy Macken is a writer, paramedic with the Ambulance Service and spiritual teacher. She has two decades of experience in frontline emergency health, and brings a calm, grounded approach to all she does. Sandy holds degrees in health sciences and education and she is currently studying a master’s qualification in counselling and psychotherapy. She has also been published in the international medical journal, EMS World.

High-spirited yet also deeply pragmatic, Sandy is dedicated to fostering good health on all levels, especially among health and helping professionals. Sandy is an energetic and engaging thinker who unites spirituality and practical living. Her blogs have attracted considerable attention and inspired her to write her first book. She has extensive professional and personal experience with trauma, deep transformation, building resilience and fostering a blazing spirit.  When she is not working, writing or studying, you will find Sandy speaking to groups, teaching meditation or jetting off to India, where her own spiritual teacher lives, to fill up on the healing energy she so readily shares with everyone she meets. Sandy has recently welcomed her first child in early 2018.

Books by Sandy